Campaign Updates

Pass a Real Budget

I’ve had enough. We cannot let the Republicans return to the slash-and-burn days of the Corbett administration. In fact, our schools are still struggling from Governor Corbett’s $1 billion cut to education.

We need to do right by our kids, and we need to start by passing a budget that makes a fair funding formula for our schools a priority.

Add your name to my petition to let me know you’re with me, and I’ll make sure everyone in Harrisburg knows too >>
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Support the Right to Vote

After the Supreme Court’s decision to gut the Voting Rights Act, we need to work even harder to protect our right to vote. That’s why I’m proud to cosponsor three bills that would work to end discrimination at the polls in the state of Pennsylvania.

If you agree that voting is a fundamental right, please let me know by signing my petition in support of legislation that protects our right to vote >>
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Equality for All

The Supreme Court ruling is a huge victory for the LGBT community and all our allies, and a huge victory for equality. But we cannot forget the work that still lies ahead.

In Pennsylvania, there is no anti-discrimination law. Thousands of people across our state are at risk of getting fired for getting married. They could be denied a place to live or a table at a restaurant because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Add your name now if you believe equality should be a right for every Pennsylvanian >>
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