Providing equity and extending civil rights to all Pennsylvanians:

  • Provide equal protection for all Pennsylvanians
  • Expand existing civil rights protections and enforce those that already exist
  • Protect our immigrants from intimidation and discriminatory laws

EqualityBoth my mother and father are retired Army Lt. Colonels and I grew up in an environment where gender equity was not taught, it was just the status quo. I was blessed to grow up in a household that believed in equality across the board, and it was with that solid foundation that I have worked hard to bring equal protection under the law for all Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania is light years behind our neighbors and many other states when it comes to treating all persons as equal. An overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians support laws that provide equality for all of our neighbors, it’s time that Harrisburg catches up to the rest of the state.