Ethics Reform

Cleaning up Harrisburg and working to earn and keep trust through honest government:

  • Redistricting reform
  • Major campaign finance reform
  • Transparency in all areas of Pennsylvania government
  • Access to public records

Government can only be effective when is has the trust of its people, and that trust must be earned. Substantial government reform is one of the ways the General Assembly needs to show all Pennsylvanians that they are still public servants, working for the people instead of working around them.

Harrisburg needs to make sure that policy-making decisions are made transparent, with easy and direct online access to budgets, meeting minutes and voting records. Putting information online with today’s technology is easy and inexpensive. I will work to make sure public records are accessible so that we can ensure an accountable and responsive state government.

The closed-door process of redistricting has made seats far too safe for incumbents, reducing the healthy competition needed to foster strong leadership and to avoid extremism. Campaign finance reform needs to be strengthened so that gas drillers and corporate special interests can no longer buy and sell politicians or have undue influence on the legislative process. We need to take bold steps to keep government honest, and I will be a tireless advocate for common-sense reform that will restore citizens’ faith in the government they have created, and the public servants they have elected.