Making sure our Seniors are given the assistance they need with the dignity they deserve:

  • Freeze property taxes for seniors
  • Preserving Medicare and Medicaid
  • Strengthen vital Pennsylvania programs like PACE and PACENET
  • Making sure that programs of the Department of Aging aren’t threatened by budget cuts
  • Working to make Philadelphia senior housing a priority

SeniorsOur seniors worked their entire lives to raise a family, save a little money, and pay for their home. It’s a matter of fairness that if your income is frozen your property taxes should be too. Seniors’ retirement dreams shouldn’t be shattered by rising property taxes. I will fight to freeze property taxes for seniors in the legislature, because no senior should ever taxed out of their home. It’s the right thing to do.

Programs like Medicare, PACE and PACENET, as well as free transportation shuttles and other services of the Department of Aging, work to ensure that older Pennsylvanians have the resources they need to stay healthy and active. I will fight to protect these vital services. State programs are being gutted under the guise of “fiscal reform” while simultaneously threatening the delivery of vital services to many Seniors. In Harrisburg I will be relentless in making sure that taking care of Pennsylvania Seniors trumps budget cuts pushed by conservative politicians to score political points with the extreme right.