Today is finally the day!

It’s Election Day.

After all the phone calls, the door-knocks, the townhall meetings, the debates, the discussions, and the time spent, it finally comes down to this day and your vote!

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I am honored to serve as the Representative from Center City Philadelphia’s 182nd District and today I once again ask for your vote to send me back to Harrisburg so I can continue working for you. Whether it’s for civil rights, education funding, protecting the environment, or protecting my neighbor, I promise to fight as smart and as hard as I know how for what is right for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

We cannot suffer through four more years of Governor Corbett, and Pennsylvania needs strong Progressive leaders, and those leaders are Tom Wolf and Mike Stack as our next Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

But that’s not all. I also need the best colleagues in Harrisburg working with me. If you have the ability and the opportunity, will you send me back to Harrisburg with Leanne Krueger-Braneky (161st), Vince Rongione (163rd), Marian Moskowitz (157th), Lisa Zucco (12th), and Hope Smith (176th) in the State House and Ruth Damsker (12th) and John Kane (26th) in the State Senate?

With the help of these candidates I believe that Harrisburg can become a place where our elected officials go to support the Commonwealth and its citizens once again.

Thank you for you support!